I've absent here for a bit for a good reason.  At least I think it's a good reason!  I've been getting more planners ready for a fall launch.

So, on October 15th you'll be able to find the following downloads in the shop...

2017 Weekly Classic Planner - A5 // Yes... we made it happen.  The Weekly Classic Planner will be available as a download.  This planner is identical to the physical version of the Weekly Classic Planner (which, by the way, is still available for $45) with a few minor differences.  First, the downloadable version does not included the weekly quotes. And second, we decided on removing the blueprint page and the monthly title pages. More on this below.  

2017 Daily Classic Planner - A5 // Unfortunately we were unable to add a physical daily planner to our line-up (sniff) but a downloadable version is the next best thing!  The Daily Classic Planner was the starting point of the weekly design and is the foundation of my day.  This planner features a clean and simple design with a one page per day design.  There's room for a schedule, a to-do list and a series of unmarked sections so you can use them for whatever purposes you want to!

Travelers Notebook Weekly Classic Planner (horizontal) // Our weekly Travelers Notebook is back for another year!  This download features three months per booklet with the days of the week on the left page and a notes section on the right.  Perfect for planning, journaling, creating and more.

Blueprint // The Blueprint pages from the Weekly Classic Planner will be available as a separate download so that you can print off as many as you want and put them wherever you want in your planner.  

Tabs // All the planners will come with their own set of printable tabs but we'll also have additional tabs available in multiple colors.

Note // All the planners will be released by half year.  We decided on this for many reasons.  By introducing January - June 2017 planners now and July - December 2017 later we could ensure that we'd get three separate planners ready on time and we also allow those who prefer an academic start to jump in when they're ready.  We're shooting for a Fall release of September and a Spring release of May after this initial launch.


First things first.  From September 15 - October 15 you can grab a Classic Planner for only $45.  

Secondly, I'm fully aware that this blog has been pretty vacant this last little while.  Truth is I'm just not scrapbooking/making as much as I used too.  And, while I doubt that that will change considerably I do still need to figure out what I want to share here.  I've become slightly obsessed with the idea of home, living a simple life and simple memory keeping... so I just have to figure out how that will play out here.  More lifestyle maybe? Less craft?  I don't know.  

But anyway, enjoy the sale... and let's get these planners out the door!


To celebrate the start of school and new routines we're having a storewide sale!  Take 20% off anything in the store by using the code BACKTOSCHOOL.  If you haven't grabbed your Classic Planner yet, maybe now's the time.  


Offer expires Saturday, September 10th.


If you're not following us over on our Instagram feed (@MPpaperco) we have a giveaway going on right now for a Classic Planner!  We'll be drawing a winner on Monday.

We plan on doing a few of these... maybe one a month?  So good luck!