Travelers Notebook Line Guide printables now available


For the past three years I've wanted to put out a planner.  About two years ago Studio Calico and I decided to collaborate on a planner that would be ideal for memory keepers. It was a wonderful experience and I still love seeing all the creative ways that people are using it!  

During that time I put my own planner dreams on hold.

But, I'm so excited (and nervous) to share that next month (fingers crossed) I'll be releasing my own planner!

Did I mention that I'm nervous?  Yah.

I have used a planner forever.  Like literally.  I was one of two kids in high school that used an agenda.  I can't function without one.  But I could never find one that was "me". One that was clean and simple.  One that didn't pigeonhole me into using certain sections for certain things.  One that was adaptable to my needs at any particular point in my life.  One that looked as good sitting on my coffee tables as at my desk.

A classic planner.

I'm confident that there's other people out there who are looking for the same thing.

At least I hope they are!

So, thank you in advance for joining me on this journey.  I'll be sharing more here and on my shop Instagram feed as we go, I just wanted to start with this little announcement since it involves a new website and that will make this space all kinds of wonky for a little while!  During this time Printmaker will be put on hold.

Cheers to new adventures!