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I'm so very excited to share the details of "the Classic Planner" with you all!  Like crazy excited.  We're not quite ready for launch, but I wanted to share with you all the information that I could in case you decide that this will be the planner for you this year.

So let's start with the "why".   "Why" this planner.

This planner has been a long time coming.  It's been dreamt about and imagined and changed and tweaked.  I've used a ton of different planners over the years but never found one that really worked for me.  One that was clean and simple.  One that didn't pigeonhole me into using certain sections for certain things.  One that was adaptable to my needs at any particular point in my life.  One that looked as good sitting on my coffee table as at my desk.

A classic planner.

And so here we are.

Life is funny.  It's magical and crazy all at the same time.  It's a tricky balance of getting things done and actually finding time to enjoy it. It's this search for balance that has caused me to strive to live more simply. To live with purpose.  To plan out my days so that I have time for the people and things that really matter.  To be intentional and realistic with my time so that I don't miss out on the fun stuff.  The important stuff.

And it's that philosophy that is at the core of this planner.

So, now for the nitty gritty.

The design of this planner is based off of the daily one that I use.  This was important to me because I plan on releasing a daily version next so I wanted to make sure that they coordinated well with each other.

The Classic Planner features a weekly format  and runs from August 2016 - December 2017 so whether you like an academic start date or a traditional January one we have you covered.

The cover is a light grey fabric with the year gold stamped on the cover. Gold o-wire binding keep everything together and gold metal corners protect your planner from wear and tear.  A dark grey elastic keeps everything snug and sealed.

In the "think big" category I'd love to release a neutral version and a bright version every year! Dream big right?

The 2017 Classic Planner will be launching in early May.  We're hoping to have it up on the 11th but that would be if all the stars align.  We should be nailing down an exact date next week.  It will be offered as a preorder so that we can get our initial numbers right.  Planners will begin shipping in mid-late June. 

When you open your planner you'll find a convenient pocket on the inside cover that's perfect for storing coupons, notes, receipts and whatever else you can think of.  The first page of your planner features a handy spot to record your name and other important information in case (heaven forbid) you misplace it.  

All the text in the planner is in "easy-on-the-eyes" shades of grey.

In the beginning of your planner you'll find two yearly calendars... one for 2016 and one for 2017.

This is what we call our "At a Glance" section.  We envision it, in it's simplest form, as a place to plan ahead and record upcoming events.  Get a feel for the year ahead or use it to note birthdays, to record funny things your kid said that month, or anything else! Remember, this planner was designed to be flexible for YOUR needs.

These pages have sections for July 2016 through December 2017.

We've revamped our Blueprint pages for a clean and simple style and added them to the planner.  Each month features a minimal sectioned page at the beginning and the end of it. This page is the perfect spot to goal-set for the upcoming month, reflect on the past month, flesh out upcoming projects, plan monthly meals, fill in with notes and scribbles and just about anything else you can think of.  This page is the ultimate in flexibility.

Following the monthly blueprint is the monthly calendar featuring both American and Canadian holidays.  With lots of room to jot down upcoming events and appointments these monthly pages will be the perfect reference throughout the month.  

I'm a big list maker, and apparently so are many of you!  The vertical spaces in the weekly pages are perfect for your running daily lists.  To-dos, appointments... they all fit here.  The three boxes at the start of the week are left blank for you to use however you wish.  Whether you use them to focus on the week's three big tasks, to assign out weekly chores, to track work assignments, or whatever else you come up with, we're sure they'll keep the big things for the week front and center.  We've also left room at the bottom of the weekly spread so you can note other important weekly happenings that maybe don't fit into a particular day.

Each week also features a quote or inspirational phrase to encourage and uplift you!

At the end of the planner you'll see the familiar year at a glance pages formatted for the upcoming year.  If you're like me then you'll inevitably have events and notes coming up for the next year that go beyond the page of your current one.  These pages are perfect for that!

Each Classic Planner comes in a memory box that coordinates with your planner.  This was a big deal to me.  To me a planner is more than just a planner.  It's a time capsule. With that in mind we designed a box that you could use during the year as a companion to your planner. Think a home for photos and memorabilia during the year. Or for stickers and pens and other things. Once the year is complete it can be stored alongside your planner on a shelf in your home.  And if memory keeping isn't your thing it can also become the perfect home for you planner itself.  I can't wait to see rows of these yearly memory boxes on my shelf.

So, that's a sneak peek at the Classic Planner (you can preorder it here)!  I hope you all are as excited about it as I am! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @MPpaperco to keep up with the latest updates.

It is my hope that you will fill this planner up with your tasks.  Journal little notes about your day. Make lists.  Write down appointments.  Scribble in it. Draw in it.  Keep  it plain and simple.  Decorate it's pages.  Checkmark your accomplishments and stroke things off. Tape in photos.  Put your own spin on it and make it yours.  Let it become a blueprint for your year. A tool to help you plan and execute tasks.  A record of your days.

But most of all I hope that it will become a daily companion that encourages you to live beyond it's pages with purpose, gratitude and joy.