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The optimist in me has decided to dedicate Mondays on the blog to memory keeping.  A lofty goal... for sure.  But an important one I think.

I've taken a lot of time this past year to fine-tune exactly what my "mission statement" is. What I "stand for".  And I've come to the following conclusion.

I'm an advocate of simple.  Of intentional living and gratitude.  And of documenting real life.  And so Mondays on the blog will hopefully become a place that I can share my latest memory keeping project, no matter how big or how small.  

And trust me... small is okay.

Small is still documenting.

And small is still worth it!

And with that I'm starting with January in my pocket page album and a simple tip on dividing the months.

I wanted something subtle to mark the start of each month.  Nothing that stuck past or screamed "hey, new month".  Just a nice quiet break in the album.

To do that I simple dragged the correct month from my calendar cards onto a 6x8 canvas, printed it out and trimmed it to size.  I just slip it in a page protector and move on.  On the back side I will usually include a full 6x8 sized photo.

Quick and simple but totally eye-catching.

You can find more tips and tricks from me for your pocket page albums in my prompts class at Big Picture Classes.