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We've had a fabulous week weather-wise and that means that most of our free time is being spent outdoors.  Chasing chickens (and now ducks) mostly.  Planning the vegetable garden (our first).  Our summers are short here so we're making the most of it.

There's one main goal that's been echoing in my head (and everyone in this family really) even more loudly these last few months than usual.  An urge to simplify.  Cleaning out the clutter (literally and figuratively).  About living the life we've always wanted.  And that doesn't mean "stuff". For us it means slowing down, eliminating things that cause us stress and taking a breath.

Other than that, there's a few little projects in the studio and getting ready for the Classic Planner launch next week.

Yes!  Next week.

And I'm totally terrified that I'm going to have hundreds of planners without homes!