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I haven't shared much of my studio except for little shots of my desk.  There's still lots to do in here and the truth is that it's just not a priority at the moment.  There's still no ceiling and no worktable top... it's just not "photo" ready.

But it's (mostly) clean and tidy.  And that works for me.  I find that there's so much in my brain that I really do work best in a space that's minimally decorated and super simple.

This back wall behind my worktable is a good example of that.  Just four expedits filled with storage boxes to hold office supplies and some other odds and ends (think rarely used craft supplies, spare notebooks, Christmas embellishments... things I don't need access to a lot).  This is the wall I see every morning when I walk into my office and it's just so calming to see it all clean and simple.  Prior to these Ikea boxes I had wire baskets filled to the brim with supplies in this space... and visually it was just too much!

Above the expedits is a large sheet of metal (3x6) that we painted with chalkboard paint. Right now it's housing monthly calendars to plan out the fall planner release and our current color scheme.

This space is a far cry from my last, where I had floor to ceiling shelving full of crafting supplies jammed into a tiny room.  Back then that was crafting nirvana to me and I couldn't have been happier.  

And now... so much less.  Simple.  And I'm so happy here.

It's funny how things change.