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I'm a total newbie at art journals.  For real.  But in an effort to find small and meaningful ways to document our days I've decided to take another stab at it.

Here's some random thoughts running through my head as I get ready to dive in.

1. Keep it small.  Small = doable.  To encourage me to keep playing with paper and photos I've decided to use my passport sized Midori Travelers Notebook to house my art journal.  Anything bigger and I will NOT do it.  Guaranteed.

2. Don't stress about chronological photos.  Random photos and random thoughts are fine.

3.  Lots of supplies or none at all... either is okay.  This page uses patterned paper and little more.  The next one might just be a swash of paint or a scribble of pencils. JUST MAKE STUFF.

4. Make a lot or a little.  This is the only page in my art journal, and it was done in mid-May.  I'm not in a race.  Whatever I get done I get done.  I refuse to tell myself to produce a certain number of pages or to work on this project on certain days.  I need it to stay fun... and I think a schedule will kill that for me.

5.  This is weird... but stay with me here... DON'T look for inspiration (yet).  I find myself just wanting to play.  To fill these little pages without influence of anyone else's work.  To just see what it becomes.  I guarantee that I'll peruse other art journalists' work soon (Katie Licht is a fave) but I just want to see where this goes... to be authentic to me right now.

So there you go... some random thoughts as I start my art journal!