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It's been awhile since I blogged something other than paper or planners so there's a lot to share.

  • I haven't been scrapbooking.  I never ever thought I'd see the day where my afternoons weren't spent cutting up paper, but alas, here they are.  I started working "full time" a couple of years ago and my free time just hasn't been there.  The kids are older too and there's just not a lot of photos being taken at this time in their lives.  That said...
  • I want to take more photos.  With my big girl camera.  Just not sure of what exactly. 
  • We decided this summer that we were going to put the boys in public school.  There were a million reasons that we came to this decision.  There were also a million reasons that it didn't feel right.  We tried it for a bit and realized that it was just not for us.  Although I was excited to be able to work in peace, having them learning here at home is just right.  I think we're pretty much back into our routine and we're all just happier here.
  • That funk I mentioned at the beginning.  I can't nail down a cause or even an example of it.  Maybe it's only having 24 hours in a day.  Who knows.  I think I just need a weekend off.
  • I'm trying to be more intentional with what I share.  I cleaned out my Instagram account considerably as I have been becoming more and more uncomfortable with sharing my kids online.  They're older and that's really up to them.  I think I'm just withdrawing from sharing absolutely everything about our lives in general.  I'm caught in the middle of wanting our lives to just be for us and wanting to share so that I don't feel alone in this motherhood adventure.  So weird and bizarre.   I often think back to when we were newly married and didn't even have internet.  I was totally happy.  I wasn't sharing every little bit.  I wasn't trying to push a product.  Sometimes I really wish I could get back to that simplicity.  

So who knows.  Maybe this post will be the last.  Maybe it'll be the first of many.  It's got to win some kind of award for pointlessness I'm sure.  But, basically I'm still deciding if sharing my everyday on the internet is important to me.  Because it seems that more and more, it isn't.

Sometimes it all just feels like noise.