Travelers Notebook Line Guide printables now available


I'm super excited to have another class up at Studio Calico!  But I'm even more excited about the topic!

Planner Bootcamp // This August I'll be sharing all kinds of tips and tricks to use your planner effectively!  I mean, decorating your planner can be fun... but if my planner is not helping me be efficient and focused during the day then it's not doing it's job!  We will touch on a bit of decorative customization in the last lesson but the bulk of the class will be about making your planner work.  About prioritizing tasks and managing a schedule.  About organizing your goals and getting things done.

In this class you'll learn //

  • tips for organizing and prioritizing tasks
  • how to map out things like chores and meal planning
  • ideas for dealing with unfinished tasks
  • how to use your planner effectively
  • tips for time management
  • tricks for using stamp brushes to make your own stickers
  • ideas for staying on top of recurring tasks
  • how to decide what needs to go into your planner
  • ideas for using the class stamps in your planner

Now, chances are if you're reading this you already have a planner and you already have a system.  And that's awesome!  If that's the case then it's my hope that you'll discover some things that you can add into your system or tweak to work even better for you!

This class features an awesome stamp set that will ship free to you wherever you are!


There's also some really fun printables that I can't wait to incorporate into my planner.

If you've taken my free DIY Sticker Class (or if you want to) you will find a special class discount offer.  Wink wink.  

I'm so excited about this class!  See you in August!

You can check out some suggested class supplies and sign up for the class here.